There is a fairly new villa in the city. It’s approximately one hundred years old. It has a garden with mighty fir trees and a beautiful little pond with Froebeli water lilies. Up the rolling hills a gentle breeze blows from the west. It is the refreshing breath of the lake Zurich. Only a few minutes away, within walking distance, you will find Bellevue square, the heart of this vibrant Zurich city. But as you open the front door and step inside Signau House and Garden you will feel the embrace of our warm hospitality, exclusive comfort and distinguished style.

Welcome home to Signau House & Garden.

The garden

The house and its garden create an atmosphere of aesthetic harmony. Roaming along the English lawn, beside the colorful flower beds, and under the ancient trees, you will surely discover a botanical rarity: the Froebeli water lily.

The House

This historic villa is your place to either find rest or do business. Located in the quiet but central quarter of Zurich-Riesbach, the house was built in 1912 as a patrician villa. It was modernized and carefully restored to bring back its former splendor.

The Cinema

The villa has a long cineastic tradition: Celebrities like Roger Moore and Martin Scorsese spent entertaining and joyful hours here. Look forward to our thoroughly and carefully restored private cinema with state-of-the art technology.

1912 and 2018. A patrician villa. Representation and contemplation. Spacious generosity and loving details, style and nonchalance, activity and recreation. This is the Guesthouse Signau House & Garden.


Built in 1912 as a patrician villa by Pfleghard & Haefeli architects, the house just gained back its original character.     The two-story historical building, located on and named after Signaustrasse, distinguishes itself with simple elegance. Spacious generosity and great attention to details characterize the villa with its impressive foyer, elegant lounges and an […]

Blooming period

  Its blooming period begins at the end of May and lasts almost until winter: the water lily “Nymphaea Froebeli”. She owes her Zurich family name to garden designer Otto Froebel, who domesticated her in 1898 for the first time. The passionate cultivator, who was in charge of most of the magnificent villa gardens and […]


Thank you very much for your interest in staying at Guesthouse Signau House & Garden. Your request will be handled promptly. All prices for our rooms include an open breakfast buffet.

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